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Tiktok: may be out from app store, fear of losing ad revenue

Washington: TikTok’s future is not clear yet. Following the orders of President Trump, a large number can fall on him. While there are speculations about its exit from American app stores, advertising and publicity will also be considered illegal. According to Reuters, the White House has also released documents related to this.

What will be the loss?
According to the document, the prohibited transaction mentions the possibility of removing Tiktok from the stores. At the same time, the conditions regarding acceptance before the purchase and download of advertisements on TicketTalk have also been placed under the restrictions. According to sources close to the White House, the document is fully authentic. There is no response from the same TikTok.

Tech Expert Opinion
Growth will be affected by Apple Inc. and Google-owned Alphabet Inc.’s if they exit from the App Store. According to cybersecurity expert James Lewis, if this happens, the company may end up in America. However, there has been no response from Apple and Alphabet.

After Trump’s order, TikTok told its advertisers that it would continue its ad campaign if for any reason the fund would be refunded. In the event of a ban, the campaign will be migrated to other platforms. At the same time, some advertisers have told Reuters that they are working on a different strategy for their marketing work, for which negotiations are going on with other apps. However, it is not clear how long the order of the trump will come into force.

Stance on ‘WeChat’ is not clear
According to Reuters, what will be so strict on China’s social media app WeChat, it has not been clear.

TikTok claims
It has 100 million active users in the US. According to him, the data of American users are only in stores in the US and Singapore. The information of which has not been given to the Chinese government. At the same time, Microsoft Corp said that it is ready to operate TikTok in North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand under the supervision of Trump administration.

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