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Russia’s Health Minister advised when the primary batch of Corona vaccine Sputnik-V will arrive

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said on Wednesday that the first batch of covid-19 vaccine Sputnik-V will arrive within two weeks. On Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Health registered the world’s first corona virus vaccine.

The corona vaccine named Sputnik-V has been created by the Gamalaya Research Institute and the Russian Ministry of Defense. Murasco said during a press conference that the first batch of vaccines would be released within two weeks.

The minister said that vaccination would be completely voluntary. He said that doctors who think they already have the immunity to fight the corono virus are around 20 percent and think it will be up to them to decide if they do not need vaccination.

The Health Minister said that covering Russia’s needs is a priority, but the vaccine can also be exported overseas. He said that we will give the vaccine to other countries as well, but the needs of the domestic market are our priority.

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