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Prime Minister’s third address on the new education policy: Modi said – The aim of the policy is to teach children through sports by removing stress; Also given 5 ‘E’ formula of learning

  • Prime Minister said- Marksheet has become ‘pressure sheet’ for students and ‘Prestige sheet’ for parents, the focus of NEP is to eliminate this pressure.
  • On July 29, the central government approved the new education policy after 34 years, before this, the webinars on August 7 and September 7 have also addressed the PM.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the third time on Friday about the new education policy. He said that the aim of the new policy is to remove stress in children and teach them in sports and encourage them to make new discoveries. The Prime Minister gave the formula of 5 ‘E’ i.e. Engage (Engagement), Explore (Search), Experience (Experience), Express (Expression) and Excel (Better) for learning. Even before this, Modi had given his views on the new education policy on 7 August and 7 September.

The mark sheet has become a pressure sheet for students
In the conference on school education, he said that the mark sheet has become a ‘pressure sheet’ for students and a ‘prestige sheet’ for parents. Marks and mark sheet learning has dominated learning-based education in our country until now. In such a situation, the focus of the new education policy is to eliminate this pressure completely. Its goal will be to promote a sense of discovery and activity in children.

He told that a few days ago, the Ministry of Education asked teachers from all over the country to implement the National Education Policy.

Rejoiced over teachers’ participation
Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed happiness over the participation of principals and teachers in the campaign to implement the National Education Policy (NEP). He also said that children should develop Mathematical Thinking and Scientific Temperament, this is very important. Mathematical Thinking does not only mean that children solve Mathematics (Mathematics) problem, but it should also develop their thinking power.


Hard work behind education policy
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that NEP 2020 is a way to meet new India, new expectations and new needs. There is hard work of four to five years behind this. People of every region, every genre, every language have worked on it day and night, but this work has not been completed yet. Now the real work has started. Prime Minister Modi said that now we have to implement the National Education Policy in the same effective manner. And we will do this work together.


Education festival will be celebrated till 25 September
Education festival is being celebrated from 8 to 25 September to honour teachers and to advance the new education policy. The PMO informed that virtual conferences, various webinars and conclaves are being organized on many aspects of NEP. The new National Education Policy 2020 is the first education policy of the 21st century, which has been announced 34 years after the previous education policy 1986.

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