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One dynasty attempting to destroy Prime Minister Narendra Modi, says BJP chief JP Nadda

NEW DELHI: Hitting out at Rahul Gandhi for criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP chief J P Nadda on Monday stated that the Congress chief tries to politicise foreign policy issues by making statements which are “weak on facts” and “strong on mudslinging”. He additionally stated that for years, one dynasty is attempting to destroy the prime minister.

The BJP chief’s response got here after Gandhi, in a sharper assault on Modi, stated the LAC standoff in Ladakh isn’t merely a border dispute however a design by China to assault his picture as a “56-inch strongman”.

“In recent years, be it Doklam or the present, RahulGandhi Ji prefers briefings from the Chinese instead of believing India’s armed forces. Why does one dynasty want a weak India and a strong China? Many leaders in the Congress also disapprove of one dynasty’s shenanigans!” Nadda tweeted.

Dubbing the newest video of Gandhi on the Ladakh stand-off situation as a failed try and relaunch himself, Nadda stated as typical the Gandhi scion is “weak on facts” and “strong on mudslinging”.

“Attempts to politicise defence and foreign policy matters shows one dynasty’s desperation to wash their past sins of 1962 and weaken India,” he stated in collection of tweets.

Nadda alleged that for the reason that 1950s, China has made “strategic investments in one dynasty that has given them rich dividends.”

The BJP chief stated because of that China captured land throughout the Congress-led UPA tenure.

“For years, one dynasty has been trying to destroy the PM,” Nadda stated whereas hitting again at Gandhi for his criticism of Modi.

Underlining that Prime Minister Modi’s join with 130 crore Indians is deep-rooted, Nadda stated Modi lives and works for the folks and “those who want to destroy him will end up only further destroying their own party”.

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