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Malls and offices invest in setting up anti-microbial treatments

Malls and offices are now going for anti-microbial treatment which also tells the number of bacteria on the surface before and after the treatment and some are even tying up with hospitals for cleaning in a bid to make employees and customers safe.

Facility management companies are investing on the new chemical treatment after the increase in demand from malls and office operators.

“We have taken a decision to have a hospital partner for training and support,” said Abhishek Bansal, executive director of Pacific group that operates malls in NCR.

Facility management company SIS said that they have been receiving requests for cleaners from hospitals, restaurants, hotels and corporates with business resuming. The company is offering disinfection assurance through anti-microbial treatment.

“We are providing sanitisation services to leading hospitals so that experience is coming handy while fulfilling the extra requirement coming from malls and offices. In pre-covid era there was no scientific measurement of cleanliness but now we have comprehensive disinfection program. We have equipment’s which tells number of bacteria present before and after the cleaning,” said Rituraj Kishore Sinha, Group Managing Director of Security and Intelligence Services Limited (SIS India).

G4S, another facility management has introduced intensive infection control solution, for office facilities, private, public and other commercial spaces.

The solution uses an ultra-low volume method to ensure minimum use of chemicals for maximum impact. The solution is highly effective in eliminating viruses and over 400 strains of bacteria.

G4S said that a professional team will conduct the microbial aerial disinfection by using ULV machine, using sanitizers with more than 60% alcohol content.

But the extra sanitisation effort is leading to increase in cost.

“The cost has increased as companies are adhering to stringent safety norms. All companies have to sanitize their facilities regularly and this requires professional disinfection and sanitization services,” said Rajeev Sharma, MD, G4S.

Rituraj of SIS said that the cost of maintaining a facility has increased and while number of staff has been reduced at schools and other facilities that are not operating, the cost is covered by the increase in requirement from offices and hospitals.

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