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India-China Dispute: India will join Chinese-dominated SCO meeting despite tensions, know what is the reason

New Delhi, Jayaprakash Ranjan. India will not shy away from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) despite tensions with China at the border. India has taken this decision in view of wider strategic interests. However, despite meeting face to face in the meeting, there will be no meeting or dialogue between the ministers of India and China.

The SCO’s defense ministers are to meet in Moscow on September 4. Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has left for a three-day visit to Russia today to attend the meeting. The meeting will also feature China’s defense minister, but the possibility of a bilateral meeting between the two leaders has been ruled out. However, Rajnath Singh is scheduled to meet Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. During this time there will also be an important discussion about future defense deals between the two countries.

India gave a strong message

However, despite having a very strained relationship with China, India has given a strong indication that it will remain serious about this organization by participating in the SCO dominated by China. A major reason behind this is the presence of a friendly country and important strategic partner Russia in SCO and joining as a member of many countries of Central Asia. India’s attitude towards the SCO and BRICS in the future will depend on where its bilateral relations with China progress.

China therefore included India

The SCO foreign ministers are also scheduled to meet in Moscow on Thursday next week. It is likely that Foreign Minister S Jaishankar will also participate in it. There will also be Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Efforts are also on to hold a meeting of SCO heads of state in October or November. Russia is currently the SCO as well as the main country of BRICS (Organization of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Russia is trying to organize a meeting of the heads of both the organizations together. Both of these organizations were taken forward by China with the aim of challenging the supremacy of the US and it has also included India. India too has been giving full importance to both these organizations till date.

India had added the provision of terrorism in 2018

Government sources say that nothing has happened so far on the agenda of the SCO and BRICS that it is called anti-India. A financial institution has been set up among BRICS countries, with India taking more loans from other countries. India was successful in adding an important provision on terrorism to the SCO Nation Heads of the Year 2018 meeting. The SCO also has members from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan in the Central Asia region, which India looks forward to with great expectation in terms of business.


Business expansion of SCO countries will be in India’s interest

The scope of the SCO is also to expand to include countries like Iran, Sri Lanka. India believes that if there is an agreement between the SCO countries to expand the business, it will be in its interest. India has also been a frequent participant in military exercises among the SCOs. This time due to Kovid, India has refused to participate in military exercises. Despite this, how much India remains excited about the SCO and BRICS in the future will depend entirely on its bilateral relationship with China.


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