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Early morning toilet visit major cause of fatality

By Krishna Thevar

MUMBAI: A sizeable number of Covid patients on oxygen support in Mumbai’s civic hospitals have died between 1 am and 5 am, after removing their oxygen supply to go to the toilet. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation is now embarking on a ‘Save Lives Strategy’ with strict dos and don’ts for the civic healthcare staff.

Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal told ET that the effort is to reduce Covid mortality in civic hospitals. The Municipal Commissioner has now issued guidelines that need to be strictly followed by health officials. “We had placed bed pans for patients, however sometimes there might have been some lacunae, so patients ended up going to the washroom by removing the oxygen supply that they were getting.

Now we have asked that bed pans be placed in all the beds, they should be cleaned on time.” The BMC’s findings on a sizeable number of patients removing their bed pans ties with the claims of several patient relatives who have told ET that the patients were on their own in the wards and little care was being given.

Chahal however has now decided to crack down and has said that the civic staff including the ward boys need to be more proactive in helping out patients. According to the commissioner, deans of all the civic hospitals have been told that there needs to be more focused co-ordination and effort in saving lives of critically ill patients.

“We are saying the patients chart needs to be followed diligently, the chart should have details of when was the last medicine administered to the patient, when is his next dose etc, the chart needs to be followed diligently.”

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