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Delhiwale: A windowless pandemic poem


Hers is a rare room. It is with no window. “I miss the day light… miss seeing the world outside,” admits Tanisha Saxena, speaking on WhatsApp video. A Master’s pupil in English literature, Ms Saxena, 22, is sitting within the stated room this afternoon. It is her examine. Here, she usually writes poems. “The absence of windows does save me from distraction, and I’m really able to concentrate on my reading and writing,” asserts the younger lady.

The windowless chamber, nonetheless, will not be hers alone. Ms Saxena lives with mother and father in a three-room flat in south Delhi’s Ambedkar Nagar, and is obliged to share the room’s utility along with her father, who runs a enterprise of greeting playing cards. In reality, the desk within the nook is crammed along with her books in addition to father’s printing stuff. She hardly ever sits on that desk. Her favoured place is the mattress—a mattress laid down on the ground—with the pillow doubling up as “my true table.”

Looking about herself, the girl talks of how powerful it’s to remain at residence. She feels that folks nowadays, on social media, are consistently speaking about doing productive issues whereas confined to residence. As if there was a contest of how productive one may be whereas indoors. It has taken a toll on her. But she has a coping mechanism—poetry. “I feel an unbearable pressure of doing things when I actually don’t feel like doing them at all. It is then that the poems I have written help me regain my confidence.”

Ms Saxena can also be quick studying the fragility of issues. “Earlier I would have ambitious ideas for my future; now I try to make only short-term plans.” For a very long time, she was trying ahead to that faraway day when she would have a job, that will allow her to make financial savings to fund a dream world journey. “But now it’s like… what do I have to do tomorrow.”

Ms Saxena wrote a poem within the early days of the pandemic, at the same time as she was studying to stay with the “constant fear of contracting the virus.” She agreed to share it with us.

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