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Delhi’s COVID-19 test positivity rate goes down to 13%

NEW DELHI: Delhi’s test positivity rate has decreased from 31% to 13% which could signal a plateauing of Covid-19 cases in the capital.

Presenting Delhi’s Covid-19 preparedness, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said that mathematical modelling studies by the government had shown last month that Delhi would have had 60,000 active cases and would need 15,000 hospital beds. “We worked keeping these statistics in mind. We met private hospital representatives, hotels and banquet hall owners and tried to get Delhi ready. Our efforts have paid off and today we have just half the numbers expected,” Kejriwal said. At present, Delhi has 26,000 active cases with 5800 patients needing hospitalisation.

Kejriwal said that the recovery rate has been encouraging as well. “Last week we had 6250 patients in the hospital. But only 5800 beds are occupied this week. It clearly shows that our recovery rate is improving,” Kejriwal said. Delhi’s recovery rate last month was 38%, which has improved to 67% now. The number of daily cases being reported in Delhi has fallen considerably despite the capital increasing its testing multifold. On June 23, about 3,950 new cases had been reported. This has fallen to an average of 2,000-2,200 cases. “We were reporting 125 deaths at one time. Now the daily deaths have come down to an average of 60-65. We have to reduce further but we are in control of the situation,” said Kejriwal.

The chief minister, however, warned people against getting complacent. “Experts on social media have been saying that Delhi has already reached its peak. Please do not pay any heed to them. Tis virus is tricky. We don’t know what would it do tomorrow. So keep wearing your masks and follow social distancing norms,” said Kejriwal adding, “The government has worked with all stakeholders to achieve this and would keep working.”

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