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As one other Rahul Gandhi buddy revolts, Congress circles query his ‘political wisdom’ – The Opinion

NEW DELHI: As Sachin Pilot joins Jyotiraditya Scindia — the 2 “decorated friends” of Rahul Gandhi — inside a span of three months in elevating the banner of revolt towards Congress with political antenna firmly tuned in direction of BJP, Congress circles are questioning Gandhi’s “political wisdom of nurturing leadership and talent hunt”.

They mentioned many different adorned ‘Team Rahul’ members have both stop or have turned hostile or at the moment are working largely as “sleeper cells of BJP”. This listing contains former Haryana PCC chief Ashok Tanwar (has stop get together), former Tripura PCC chief Pradyot Debbarman (has disengaged from Congress), Punjab MLA Navjot Singh Sidhu (fought and misplaced to Captain Amarinder Singh and now sits on the fence to cut price with AAP), Rae Bareli MLA Aditi Singh (has turnd hostile and targets Gandhi siblings periodically), and former Mumbai regional Congress chiefs Milind Deora and Sanjay Nirupam, who after main get together to defeats at the moment are largely seen as entertaining BJP by means of “clever spoiler comments”. Congress sources mentioned many Mumbai leaders have lodged complaints with AICC in search of motion towards the duo. But Gandhis are sitting on it, simply as they did with Gehlot’s dossiers on Pilot-BJP plot.

“Rahulji, it is well-known, hates all senior and original Congress leaders who stand by the party through thick and thin. These leaders have their own differences but they fight and settle things within the party. But, Rahulji loves the company of silver-spooned spoilt brats, ideological infidels and fortune-seeking paratroopers who make a club around him and finally stab him and the party,” mentioned a Congress chief.

Incidentally, names of each Scindia and Pilot did the rounds as potential successor to Gandhi when he stop as Congress chief after the LS ballot debacle. “Does Rahul really promote any bright young leader who can challenge him? What stopped him from proposing the name of a young leader as his successor when he quit as party chief,” requested a younger chief who sympathises with Pilot and Scindia. “The fact is he joined hands with seniors to ensure leadership remains within the family, mother as party chief and sister as second-in-command and he as de facto leader. He promotes only lightweight and unquestioning younger elements,” argued the particular person.

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